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HH Shaikha Jawaher AL KhalifaChairwoman,

An ambitious young woman who does not know the impossible. She chose a different path, it was not easy, but she challenged the obstacles and is still in a challenge to reach what she aspires to. During her studies, she volunteered with Takatof a Social Program. Takatof would be the catalyst to inspire Sheikha Jawaher to choose her career pathm as it included a lot of social work. Her entrepreneurial choices often include working with others. Sheikha Jawaher graduated from high school in 2013 and completed her university studies but that was not enough, she started working in a simple way and within the family, from abaya fashion shops to events, office management, and finally real estate management. 
Sheikha Jawaher was not satisfied with this simple experience and insisted on working in the government sector, to expand her experience across a plethora of fields of work, from one job to another, within departments such as marketing, human resources, public relations etc.. That’s when she started her own career in the world of entrepreneurship, she knew that she had to learn from her mistakes. She believes that as humans, our growth comes from learning something new daily. Sheikha Jawaher is a 23-year-old young woman who has established an institution to empower young inventors and innovators.


We believe in the power of youth to make a difference in the world.
Our mission is to support the youth in order to create positive change towards more inclusive, fair and sustainable communities.
To help innovative entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding,


Empowering young people to reach the world through belief in their abilities and innovations.
Nurturing the energy of these young people and transforming it into positive actions that enable them to later serve their societies.
Finding solutions for youth issues through various awareness programs.
Sponsoring youth projects in different fields. Attending international conferences and events that are youth focused, whilst also participating and exchanging experience dialogues.
Our Projects

“Book Marathon”

“Book Marathon” under the sponsorship of the Department of Culture and Tourism, introducing a competitive way 
for teenagers to encourage them to read more, it is the first of 
its kind to happen in Abu Dhabi.

“Little Designer”

“Little Designer” under the sponsorship of the ministry of Education, a new inactivate to reduce the technology addiction with children.


“Sehaty” An application that is made by a young emariti man, that solves key and time critical miscommunication problems between hospitals all over the country, with the supervision of the health department.

"Annual Event"

Annual Event for the social media influencers in the UAE, to reduce the negativity of using social media, with the participation of Dubai police.
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Lets make the world better together!

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Email: info@jawaheralkhalifa.comAddress: Office 11-13, Al Ahlia BuildingAbudhabi

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